Scotland is one of the BEST COUNTRIES- Parthiv

My favorite place that I went to is Scotland, Scotland is a country of natural beauty. The country has the sense of peace in it when it has been through one of the toughest battles. I went to Edinburgh in Scotland. The Edinburgh castle and it was captured 23 times by the British. As a military stronghold and the most prestigious building in Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh Castle was captured and recaptured many times. In fact, it’s been besieged more than any other place in Britain, with 23 recorded attempts to ‘capture the castle’. the unicorn really is the official national animal of Scotland. And our love for this famous mythological creature dates back many centuries. Unicorns have featured in many cultures going as far back as the classical age, including the ancient Babylonians and the Indus civilization. Unicorns have been linked to Scotland for centuries. In Celtic mythology the unicorn was a symbol of purity and innocence, as well as masculinity and power. Tales of dominance and chivalry associated with the unicorn may be why it was chosen as Scotland’s national animal.