My favourite country to visit by Adithya Rajesh

Essay of favorite travel destination


I really love Singapore since it was my first time going abroad. According to me, Singapore is a great place to visit , and Singapore is a really safe country. It is the ninth safest country in the world , and it’s the 5th richest country in the world. It has many tourist attractions like sentosa , city tour , even the airport is like a tourist attraction since it contains the world’s largest indoor waterfall , butterfly garden, hotel, movie theater and multiple shops .Some people go from Singapore to Malaysia ,or Thailand by cruise ship,car,plane,or train . They put robots everywhere , like in some hotels they replaced waiters with robots and multiple other things. This shows they are using modern technology properly , and wisely . Singapore is a really small country, it’s size smaller than Delhi(the capital of India), with a population of 6 million people

Singapore might be great now , but if you go back then , you will be shocked, as it was full of violence , robbery, high crime rates , poverty and many bad things, it was under British rule. A man named Stanford Raffles , made singapore into a refueling area for ships , which resulted in multiple shapes coming to singapore , which also resulted in a boom in economy , even now you could see hundreds of ships coming and going. The father of Singapore is Lee Kuan Yew who also played a major role in developing Singapore. He made big companies come and keep their offices in Singapore . If you are very curious of Singapore ,go visit it to get a better understanding


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