Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Unending chronicle

Israeli-Palestinian conflict has its roots dated back in 1947 with the UN Resolution 181, also known as ‘Partition Plan’. It mandated the division of Palestine into Jewish and Arab state with the city of Jerusalem to be governed by the International regime. 

Origin of the conflict

In 1948, Israel was formed and this sparked the First Arab-Israeli War which ended in 1949 with the division of territory into 3 parts-State of Israel, West Bank (of Jordan river) and Gaza strip.

In 1987, thousands of Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza strip rose up against the Israeli government. This marked the beginning of the first Intifada and it resulted in the Oslo I Accords. It was mandated to set up a framework for the Palestinians to govern themselves in the West Bank and Gaza strip along with a mutual recognition between Palestinian authority and Israeli Government.

Consequently, in 1997, the Oslo II accord expanded the Oslo I accord and mandated the complete withdrawal of Israel from 6 cities and 450 towns of the west bank. Miniature wars and conflict continued due to Israel’s control over the West Bank.

In 2000, Palestinian grievances grew deeper resulting in a sustained uprising or ‘the second intifada’.

Hamas, which is one of the Palestinian’s two political parties, won Palestinian Authority’s Parliamentary elections in 2006 but its victory was not acknowledged by US, EU and other countries as it considered it to be a terrorist organisation.  

Military confrontation continues between the Israeli government and Hamas till date. Hamas sparks miniature wars in the Gaza strip while other  Palestinian armed groups carry out terrorist attacks in the West Bank leading to lethal military response from Israeli Government.

Israeli-Palestinian conflicts sparked in 2014 and 2018 again saw war skirmishes. In 2018 Trump Administration cancelled funding for UN relief and Works Agency which provided aid to Palestinian refugees.

Ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict

In 2022, violence in the region was at its peak and October 2023 again witnessed the turbulence in the region with Hamas firing rockets in Israel killing and injuring hundreds of soldiers and civilians prompting Israel to retaliate through its deadly operations. Israel has also issued a directive to the Israel Defence Force to carry out a complete siege of Gaza Strip.

Thus, Israel-Palestinian region has been caught into the grim of conflict since 1947.


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