Australia Patch Notes: 0.4.2

The developers of the world have released update 0.4.2 to Australia! This is a national update.

New Vehicle Added: The Rowboat! Due to the insane floods, we have embraced it and added boats! You can use this to receive food, and go around when the map is flooded! This is also added to the rest of the world, and you can spawn it anywhere with the Mobile Garage + More Cars DLC! 

Lag fix: While chugging a beer can, some times you will experience lag. We apologize for this, and have compensated by adding 400$ to the economy. It has been fixed.

Enemy AI Improvement: Players have complained that Kangaroos are too easy, so we have buffed them. Their ATK is now quite high!

New Enemy: The Emu! Emus attack randomly, and launch surprise attacks on bicycle drivers. They can do massive damage, and a way to suppress them is punching and driving away. 

New Boss Battle: Empress of Spiders! She will spawn randomly in bathtubs and windows, and summon spiders to attack you and claim her territory. It is the hardest boss fight i nthe game currently! Fight her with bug repellent!

That’s it for today, folks. The next update is international!


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