Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli soldiers occupy a Palestinian roof in the old city of Hebron during the weekly settler tour. . #Conflict #israelioccupation #freepalestine #peace #love #apartheid #israel #occupation #nonviolentresistance #oppression #fb #Palestine #Hebron #الخليل

Israel considers “complete and united Jerusalem” as its capital and Palestinians claim “East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state. Clash of motivation, atrocities to the Palestinians and war skirmishes by Palestinian militant groups like Hamas fuels the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Some of the fundamental factors driving this conflict are:

Forcible displacement of the Palestinians

In October 2020, an Israeli court ruled that several Palestinian families living in Sheikh Jarrah-a neighbourhood in East Jerusalem, were to be evicted by 2021. Their land would be handed over to Jewish families. 

In response to this, Palestinian families filed an appeal in the court. 

This property ownership and forcible displacement of the Palestinians adds to the long going Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Coalition Government of Israel

The Coalition Government in Israel led by Benjamin Nethanyahu and his likud party consists of 2 ultra-orthodox parties and 3 far-right parties. This also includes the religious Zionism party. It is affiliated with the West Bank settler Movement. 

This coalition government has stated prioritising the development of Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank which is illegal under international laws.

Doctrine of proportionality stands violated most often

The doctrine of Proportionality states that even if there is a clear military target, it is not possible to attack it ,if the expected harm to civilians and civilian property is excessive in relation to the expected military advantages. 

Deliberate targeting of the civilians and taking civilians as hostages are heinous crimes banned under Geneva Convention. 

Israeli-Palestinian conflict involves these crimes. 

Even the right to self defence under article 51 of the UN Charter is subject to International Humanitarian Law and Doctrine of Proportionality. 

The series of attacks and retaliation in the region continues killing thousands of civilians. Both sides also faces accusations of genocide.

International concern

The US supports Israel after the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in October 2023 stating that self defence is justified on the part of Israel under Article 51 of the UN charter. The US has also announced that it would send renewed shipments of arms to Israel.

Iran has well established relations with Hamas and other extremist groups across middle-east. It is suspected that Iran has helped Hamas to plan the October attack.  

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict would transcend the borders of Israel and bring the middle east to boil if it further escalates.