Why messi is the true GOAT

In football there is a debate which is called messi or ronaldo? Messi and ronaldo are known as the goats and there are many fans supporting one side and they argue about who’s better.My goat is messi and i want to show why he is much better and why he is the goat. Lionel Messi has 43 trophies as of June 2023, while Cristiano Ronaldo has 34.Messi has scored more Goals/assists than ronaldo and he has destroyed ronaldo in a 2011 elclasico(Real Madrid vs Barcelona) 5-0 and in that match ronaldo’s team was fouling messi more than 5 times yet messi’s team won even though messi’s leg was hurt.And messi is a rw and ronaldo is a st/lw and yet messi has more g/a(Goals/assists).Plus ronaldo played more games yet messi has more g/a.And messi has lesser red and yellow cards.And messi is known for his insane dribbling and ronaldos known for his shooting.So in my opinion Messi is the GOAT.


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