Kashmir is the beautiful by Mithun

Kashmir is the beautiful and amazing place I have ever visited. It looks like a wonderland in Frozen. The snow which falls on you will feels like soft cold cotton. Crystals looked like glass and rivers looks like clear distilled water.  I went to Kashmir to celebrate my birthday. FIrst day, My parents and myself felt little uncomfortable because of the coldness in Srinagar. Second day we went to Gondola ride in Gulmarg. We went skiing, sledging ( I really felt bad for the people who pushed us in the sledge), went cable car and suddenly there was a snow storm which decreased the temperature to -15 degrees. We had hot chocolate and maggi which made us feel a little better. Then in the end , we cut a mango cream cake which was one of the best cakes I have ever eaten. And surprisingly my parents gifted me a Tissot watch which I have been asking them to buy for a long time. It is a very expensive watch ( Actually I am currently wearing it ). That was the best day of my life. The third day, we went to Palmarg, but because of a snow storm, we stayed at a resort for the whole day. The fourth day, we went to Palmarg and went to the Dunk waterfall. The waterfall was freezing cold and the water in some areas got frozen and became crystals. We took so many beautiful pics. Next day was the last day where we went to some gardens filled with apples. We even drank fresh and organic apple juice with no added sugar. Still it was sweet. I even went to a bat factory where they were making a lot of Kashmir willow bats. I bought the best quality one. Then I said goodbye to Kashmir and returned to Chennai after a long travel in flight. I always cherish those moments for my lifetime. 

By Mithun Mahadev