In Memory of John Lennon and George Harrison

By Skanda Vinod

John Lennon

9th October 1940 – 8th December 1980

George Harrison

25th February 1943 – 29th November 2001

Did you know The Beatles were not called The Beatles, It was first called the Quarrymen then The Silver Beatles and finally came to The Beatles

The Beatles are classic rock band and represent British rock culture but they also tried other types of music like metal though they only had one metal song called Helter Skelter. They also tried new instruments like sitar it some of the songs that featured sitar are Tomorrow Never Knows or Norwegian wood.

1956: 16 year old John lennon started a band called the Quarrymen in Liverpool

1957: 14 year old Paul Mccartney joined the band The Quarrymen

1958: 13 year old George Harrison joined The Quarrymen

1960: John decides to call the band The Silver Beatles, but then he changed it to something simpler The Beatles

1961: Stuart Sutcliffe leaves The Beatles

1962: Stuart Sutcliffe sadly dies of intracranial hemorrhage

1962: Ringo joins The Beatles replacing the former drummer Pete Best


These Albums and released before The Beatles broke up

Please Please me-22nd March 1963

With The Beatles-22nd November 1963

A Hard Day’s Night-10th July 1964

Beatles For Sale- 4th December 1964

Help!-6th August 1965

Rubber Soul-3rd December 1965

Revolver-5th August 1966

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band-1st June 1967

Magical Mystery Tour-27th November 1967

The Beatles (But the fans call it the white album)-22nd November 1968

Yellow Submarine- 17th January 1969

Abbey Road-26th September 1969

Let It Be-8 May 1970

These albums released after they broke up

The Beatles 1962-1966- April 1st 1973

The Beatles 1967-1970- April 2nd 1973

Past Master-7th March 1988

Live At The BBC- 30th November 1994

The Beatles Anthology 1- 20th November 1995

The Beatles Anthology 2- 18th March 1996

The Beatles Anthology 3- 28th October 1996

Yellow Submarine Songtrack- 13th September 1999

1- 13th November 2000

Let it be…Naked-17th November 2003

Love-20th November 2006

On Air – Live At The BBC Volume 2- 11th November 2013

Live At The Hollywood Bowl- 09 September 2016

Now and Then- 2nd November 2023



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