profit over safety

this is the incident that changed air travel , airlines ditching the plane governments grounding it , two crashes it the same year , many deaths . An American aeroplane manufacturer called Boeing created a plane that was said to be the best way of travel but it ended in a deadly way , this is the story of the Boeing 737 max 8. The plane was released on may 2017 for completing with airbus’s a320 Neo , airbus’s a320 Neo had a new efficient engine which was a bit bigger and required pilot’s to take little training as everything was similar to the old a320 , as a result more customers went to airbus and switched from Boeing , so Boeing made their plane the Boeing 737 and made a newer version the 737 max 8 which had a new engine , but there was a issue the a320 has a higher ground clearance level so they could put a bigger engine and the engine would not hi the ground , but the 737 had a lower clearance level so if it put a bigger engine it would hit the ground , so Boeing put the engines a bit higher (near the wings) that fixed the problem , but while taking off the plane would climb vertically and cause a stall( stall is a condition in aerodynamics and aviation such that if the angle of attack on an aircraft increases beyond a certain point, then lift begins to decrease) , so Boeing made a system to prevent it from stalling it was called MCAS(Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System) , so the way it work is when the plane goes vertically in the air , the system would adjust the plane’s altitude and prevent a stall .29 October 2018 Lion air flight 610 takes off and and goes vertically in the sky the MCAS had an error and the plane continued vertically in the air , then suddenly the MCAS made the plane into a nose-dive and the plane crashed in the Jakarta sea killing 189 people , after a short time , 10 march 2019 an Ethiopian airline flight 302 crashes due to the same reason but the pilots managed to turn of MCAS but it was too late this killed many people . families of victims that flew in these planes went and sued Boeing , a big lawsuit occurred with Boeing and the families . The court said Boeing knew the plane had flaws in Mcas but Boeing hurriedly released the plane for profit and competition The court also came up with a verdict that Boeing will pay $2.5 billion for these accidents .Due to this countries and governments started banning the plane , this ruined Boeing reputation as many people knew Boeing for being very very safe , but this made people switch to airbus , Boeing also had to stop making a new plane model the b797 (b797 the last plane in the Boeing 7 series)so this resulted in Boeing not making the new plane which probably will result in less customers due to lack of development , so this incidents teach us a lesson , never choose money over safety , or comfort over safety.


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