Telosa- The Dream City

Imagine: the perfect city. The city with no problems. The city where everything is in perfect order. A complete and real utopia. Telosa is a hypothetical utopian planned US metropolis that was unveiled in September 2021 by American millionaire Marc Lore. 5 million people are the project’s target population by 2050, with 50,000 homes being built in the initial phase. It is to be built in the middle of the desert between Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.

Telosa: City of the future? - Topos Magazine

The new city will be powered by renewable energy almost entirely. Solar panels will be found on every building. The resource, which is even more valuable in the desert, will only be used sparingly by a few water treatment plants. Telosa City will also transform into a “15-minute city,” where residents may locate all the shops they need for everyday necessities in the neighbourhood. Telosa shouldn’t require cars because it prioritises bicycles and people. Autonomous and electric vehicles should be used whenever possible.

The word telosa (in greek) means “highest purpose.” This name was chosen since the Greek’s highest purpose was to have the individuals and societies flourish toogether as a whole. This project aims to build interconnectedness within the people in the city.

Telosa aims to achieve diversity too. Therefore, in order to represent a new social structure, billionaire Lore is seeking 50,000 “diverse people” to relocate to Telosa. Although the specifics of this variety are not yet known, it can be inferred that a wide range of ages, talents, and backgrounds are intended.

Everyone wants a city like Telosa to exist/ The perfect mix of agricultural and natural production along with metropolitan flourishment. However, is this even achievable? Marc lore thinks so. What about you?

Telosa: City of the future? - Topos Magazine


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