ISRO the efficient space program

23 august 6:02 pm , India is on the moon , India writes history ,India becomes the first country to land near the south pole of the moon This is the incredible story of ISRO . British just left , India is ruined , no food, a huge famine started, and a man named Vikram Sarabhai wanted India to have a space program ,but everyone objected because everyone in India was struggling to survive, crops ruined, no food , then Vikram Sarabhai said having a space program will benefits us , satellites give weather updates so farmers could plants crops effectively , satellites could be used for military purposes as we could monitor other countries ,satellites could show when cyclone occur this is useful for disaster management , these reasons convinced people why they need a space system , although some disagreed they continued to develop their rocket the SLV-3 , many countries laughed at India because we barely had food but we want a space program , even with criticism they built the rocket , The SLV-3 was launched successfully on July 18, 1980 there was few attempts that were unsuccessful , but ISRO launched the SLV successfully , the rocket carried a  40 kg class payloads in Low Earth Orbit, this launch made India proud , on. 22 October 2008 ISRO launched Chandrayaan -1 , the satellite found water on the moon , later on 22 July 2019 Chandrayaan 2 was launched this rocket carried a satellite , Vikram lander and rover , the satellite was in orbit bu the lander crashed in the moon surface this was a sad mission , but ISRO did not give up , on 14 July 2023 Chandrayaan 3 was launched , it also carried a lander , and a rover but no satellite because the Chandrayaan 2’s satellite was still intact , which reduced the cost of the rocket , budget of Chandrayaan 3 was less than the movie INTERSTELLAR , unlike Chandrayaan 2 , the recent rocket will land near the south pole if the moon , if it lands in the south pole , it will be the first country to land in the south pole of the moon, the rocket successfully landed , it was a proud moment , these mission proved that ISRO is the efficient space program , the future missions of ISRO are Adithya L1 which will study about the sun .


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