MYP Design PCUP 2024 May – Designing for connectedness

Unit Title: Designing for connectedness

Global context:Orientation in space and time
Key concept:Communication
Related concept:Adaptation
Statement of inquiry:Design can impact interactions.
Inquiry questions such as these should be developed by teachers and students:
Factual:What are types of communication? How do we adapt our communication for our interactions? What makes an interaction either positive or negative?
Conceptual:How does design impact interactions? How has human interaction adapted/changed over time?
Debatable:We are now connected more than ever.


The following resources based on the global context are suggestions or starting points which may be used during the teaching of the unit. The list is optional and for information. It is neither prescribed nor exhaustive. Schools should always satisfy themselves that the content of any suggested resource is suitable for their own context.

Designing public spaces

Ted Talk – Places and spaces and the behavior they create

Examples of designing for interaction

Principles and architecture of social interaction (theoretical)

How we design for social interaction

Designing for improving social relationship with interaction design approach

Designing for meaningful social interaction in digital serious games

Design of spaces for well-being

Furniture for public spaces

Furniture to encourage human interaction and communication

Psychology of space

Connected haute couture

Culinary experiences to enhance interaction

One can download PCUP 2024 May document from the follwoing link.