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  • Beamng – Digital car game

    Beamng is an ultra-realistic car game in all sections including physics. The game has advanced soft-body physics which make it very punishing to crash in it just like real life. In Beamng you can add mods to your game to add new cars to your collection of cars as they support mods made by players…



    Why is internal combustion engine (petrol) cars better than electric vehicles ? WHY ICE POWERED CARS TRUTH ABOUT ELECTRICITY AND BATTERY    60% of the electricity produced are from non renewable energy. GETTING THE LITHIUM NEEDED FOR BATTERY MAKING A BATTERY FOR CAR ENTHUSIASTS SITES REFERED

  • Bugatti by Skanda Vinod

    BUGATTI The person who created Bugatti was Ettore Bugatti. He was born on 15 September 1881 and died on 21 August 1947.The oldest Bugatti model is the Type 13.The latest Bugatti W16 Mistral.The fastest Bugatti is the Chiron sport.Some of the most famous and iconic Bugatti models are the Atlantic, Type 37, Bolide, Veyron, Divo,…