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  • Fifa – Mobile Game

    The best football game ever ! It is the best football game because both of its gameplay and it’s events. The best event in my opinion is TOTS. It is the best event because both free players and premium users got many rewards from each league. Each and every time, they won’t reveal the players…

  • Viransh has 3 favorite sports

    Viransh has 3 favorite sports

    A sport demands a lot of time and energy, and all sorts of emotions we would not even know we had. A game that I love playing and is an important aspect of my life is none other than football, cricket or tennis. football, cricket or tennis. gives an equal opportunity for every new player…

  • Pele the legend

    Pele the legend

    This post is for Pele fans to see how hard working Pele is

  • Messi by Sankar Kumar

    MESSITeams: PSG,Barcelona and Inter Miami.Career: Lionel Messi has been playing about 1,028 games at a very skilled level and because of that Argentine has scored about 807 goals