Fifa – Mobile Game

The best football game ever !

It is the best football game because both of its gameplay and it’s events. The best event in my opinion is TOTS. It is the best event because both free players and premium users got many rewards from each league. Each and every time, they won’t reveal the players just like that either there will be a puzzle to solve everyday which will slowly reveals the player. For example we got 111 Valverde in Laliga. We have to open some packs by spending some tokens which slowly solves the puzzle. We got free 112 Tots ( I got Mbappe) and 114 Tots ( Griezmann and De ligt ) and 115 UTOTS which is the best ever gift Fifa gave us ( I got Haaland)

The gameplay would be so smooth and the controls are the best. The only things which was missed in the controls or gameplay is the Power shot. But anyway we got that feature in EA FC 24 which is way worse than FIFA. The legacy has ended and EA FC 24 came. For now the impression is not all good. If you press the tap in button, it will go flying to the audience stand.


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    I don’t agree to some of your points

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