My favourite sport

My favourite sport is cricket. My ambition is to become a professional cricket player and lift the world cup for India. I wanted to register my name in the cricket history book. I like cricket because of the playstyle and intensity of the game. Even it is the 1st over, the intense will be so high. When talking about the playstyle, some player will be calm even in tough situations whereas some players will be aggressive. My inspiration is Virat Kohli. I really like aggressive players as in their aggression you can see their passion. Virat Kohli is one of them. I wanted to become like Virat Kohli because of his classy playstyle. Each and every shot would be admiring. His cover drive is so classic that everybody says his cover drive is the best. His flick is so tough to play but still he does it in the first over itself. In cricket, Virat Kohli is like Ronaldo. Virat kohli has many trophies but still didn’t win a world cup as a captain for India. Even though he contributed in 2011 world cup, everybody wants him to win the world cup when he’s the captain. Everybody thinks he can be the only one who can beat the Sachin Tendulkar’s (god of cricket) record of hitting 100 centuries in all formats. More than world cup, RCB fans wants Kohli to win at least one the IPL title for RCB. For 15 years RCB have never won an IPL title. Even though he has many disadvantages like never won a world cup or an IPL title, he has created a lot of records and because of that everybody call him “King Kohli”. People also call him as run machine because in any situation he would not lose his wicket and stay in the grease till the and chase the runs easily. That’s why my inspiration is Virat Kohli and I wanted to become like him in the future.


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